graphic design

Whether it's a simple PowerPoint presentation, a complex DVD menu, 3D video animation or print, imaginative graphic design makes the difference between "just OK" and "something special".

Using advanced digital graphics workstations and the latest software programs, Fresh Coast Pro Film & Video Services artists design and create custom logo effects and sophisticated 3D animations for video and multimedia.

Our outstanding capabilities guarantee a finished look for pre-press imaging as well. We can create designs and layouts for any print/graphics application from CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc packaging, to complete print literature campaigns.

These advanced service options make FRESH COAST™ southeast Wisconsin's multimedia graphic design solution:

  • 2D video paint system

  • 2D and 3D graphics compositing

  • stock background library

  • stock virtual set library

  • virtual set background environment design

  • multi-format image file compatibility

  • custom page layout and packaging

  • graphic design file format translation

  • print media pre-press and pre-flight

  • custom 3D animation and simulations
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